Warehouse Accident

Accident Lawyer in Tyler, Texas Whenever heavy equipment and labor work in close proximity to one another the parties responsible for workplace safety must do their jobs or accidents will result. When managers become more concerned about production than the safety of the people doing the work then accidents happen, often with catastrophic results.

An East Texas warehouse is a good example of a work environment where men and dangerous equipment are forced to work close to one another. When forklifts, pallet jacks and other product moving equipment are operated in the midst of warehouse workers in the warehouse environment safety must be the first consideration or serious injuries will occur.

Forklifts and motorized pallet jacks are usually equipped with flashing lights or warning beacons and warning beepers or sirens. Operators often become annoyed by these safety features and disconnect them. As Accident Lawyers in Tyler, we have handled a number of forklift accident cases in Tyler, Longview and the surrounding East Texas area in which unsuspecting workers were run over and severely injured by forklifts that had the warning beepers and lights disconnected.

Warehouse equipment operators are often on quotas or production incentives which cause them to place production over safety. We have handled a number of cases in which forklift and motorized pallet jack operators who were hurriedly loading or unloading trucks in an effort to make bonus ran over or knocked pallets of product onto workers causing serious injuries.

A loading dock is a busy, dangerous environment where commercial trucks, drivers, workers, and loading equipment converge. Warehouse doors, dock plates, trucks and equipment often get damaged in this hurried environment and frequently get rigged and used rather than taken out of service until they can be properly repaired. We have been involved in a number of cases where drivers, operators and workers were injured by bent doors, sprung dock plates, or damaged equipment.

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