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Animal Attack Lawyer in Tyler, Texas As the more aggressive breeds such as Pit Bulldogs and Rottweilers become more popular in East Texas dog attacks are becoming an increasing problem. Our Tyler Injury Attorneys have handled cases involving many different breeds of dogs including Pit Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Malamutes, Dalmatians, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Daschshunds, Terriers, and a variety of mixed breeds.

The most common dog attack occurs when a small child squats down to pet a weenie dog and gets bit in the face, often resulting in shredded lips and permanent scars. The worst injuries seem to come from the pit bulldog attacks because the pit bulls are powerful and are relentless as they maul their victims. Many times a pit bulldog that has been beaten back will renew the attack and inflict additional injuries or even kill the victim. Dog attacks often require extensive medical care and plastic surgery.

Dog bites also cause emotional damage that should not be taken lightly. We all grow up believing that a dog is a man's best friend. When one of our man's best friends mauls us it often causes an emotional scarring and a fear of dogs that lasts a lifetime. Many people also mistakenly believe that the first bite is free. This saying is simply not true. While legal liability for the second or third time that a dog bites someone is a foregone conclusion the first bite is still not free.

Different breeds of dogs have breed personalities. The easy going disposition of Labrador Retrievers makes it very unusual for a lab to bite someone. By the same token the temperament of some of the more aggressive breeds such as pit bulls and Rottweilers make them common culprits in dog attacks. Likewise, individual dogs of any particular breed have their own personality and disposition.

By the time that a dog bites its first victim it has usually given its owner ample warning of its aggressive tendencies. A thorough investigation of the dog and the individuals that have been around it in the past usually reveals signs of the dog's aggressive nature and the owner can be held legally responsible for the injuries.

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