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Tyler Injury Lawyer Our firm has handled motorcycle accidents involving catastrophic injuries for over 30 years. If you have sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident and need help you should look for an attorney who has successfully handled vehicular accidents involving catastrophic injuries or death.

Earl Drott has collected many millions of dollars for our clients in motorcycle, auto and truck accident cases. The traffic laws and statutes that apply to a motorcycle accident are the same laws that apply to any other accident which occurs on a public roadway. However, the dynamics involved in a motorcycle case give rise to different tactical considerations.

The first response of many East Texas drivers who negligently cause a wreck with a motorcycle is "I didn't see it." These drivers' statements often are made in a way which implies that they didn't see the motorcycle because it wasn't where the rider said it was or that because a motorcycle is smaller and less noticeable than other vehicles that it is simply not their responsibility to see a motorcycle. It is important that these callous East Texas attitudes toward motorcycles be documented and developed as a cause of the accident.

Another very common excuse made by East Texas drivers who cause accidents with motorcycles is that the motorcycle was going too fast. Even if a motorcycle is going too fast it is nonetheless negligent to sideswipe, cut-off, pull in front of, run over, T-bone, or fail to yield the right of way to a motorcycle. There is a subtle attitude in many areas of East Texas that a larger vehicle, usually a truck, has some sort of inherent right of way over a smaller vehicle such as a motorcycle.

Understanding and developing this attitude can be very beneficial to the success of a motorcycle case. Because the other drivers in a motorcycle crash so often deny responsibility and make excuses it is important that witnesses be identified and contacted promptly. It is also necessary that the evidence from the scene such as skid marks, glass and debris, vehicle damage, and road conditions be preserved.

We work with accident reconstructionists and other experts to recreate the accident. Because motorcycles provide their riders with little protection from the larger and heavier vehicles that hit them motorcycle accidents usually result in severe injuries. We work with the health care providers to document and explain injuries, life care planners to identify long-term medical needs, and economists to calculate lost wages and the economic impact of an accident. In cases resulting in death we also make claims on behalf of family members.

We have handled numerous motorcycle accidents in Tyler, Rusk, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Carthage, Marshall, Longview, Gilmore, Pittsburg, Mineola, Quitman, Canton, Athens, Palestine, Jacksonville and the rest of East Texas.

After more than thirty-seven years and thousands of personal injury cases there is virtually nothing that we haven't seen and successfully handled. There is no substitute for experience. If you want the assistance of an experienced Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney in the Tyler / Longview / East Texas area contact us today.

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