Oilfield Accident

Tyler Accident Lawyer From the initial exploration to the end refining of the oil and gas everything about the oil industry is potentially dangerous. Modern seismic exploration often includes low flying helicopters and the use of explosives. Drilling involves heavy equipment, high pressures, fatigued workers and tight schedules. The refining of the product involves an extreme risk of explosion and burns. Overshadowing everything is the large dollars at stake and the huge potential profits involved which oftentimes causes safety to be pushed aside.

With years of experience as a Tyler Accident Lawyer, I have learned that oilfield and refinery accidents often involve equipment failures, fires, tong injuries, high pressure line ruptures, OSHA violations, blowouts, explosions, electrocutions, derrick collapses, or toxic exposure. The rushed work environment often results in a fatal lack of communication between rig operators, heavy equipment operators, and the other contractors operating on site. Oilfield and refinery accidents frequently involve severe injuries or death.

The pressure to accomplish a task quickly often causes companies to take chances. A good example of this occurred in an East Texas case handled by our firm. An oilfield service contractor was moving a wellhead across an oilfield with a gin pole truck when they encountered a low hanging high voltage power line. When they lowered the boom to clear the line the increased leverage raised the front wheels of the gin pole truck off of the ground. Rather than stop and wait for the power company to raise the line the decision was made that the truck would be driven on two wheels under the low hanging power line. As the truck lurched forward the boom struck the low hanging high voltage line and electrocuted the two workers who were steadying the swinging wellhead. Our firm made a substantial recovery on behalf of the spouses and children of the electrocuted workers.

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