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Premises Liability Lawyer in Tyler, Texas When you enter a Tyler business or commercial property such as a mall, store, restaurant, theatre, hospital or bank the owner or operator of the premises owes a duty to you to warn you of hidden dangers or correct those dangers. The owner of a business premises has a duty to make a reasonable effort to identify hidden defects or dangers in the premises. In simple terms the business owner must make a reasonable effort to make the premises safe for their customers.

As a Tyler Injury Lawyer, I know that premises liability cases take many forms. The most common premises liability case is the slip and fall case which occurs because the business either places a slippery substance on the floor or fails to make reasonable efforts to remove a slippery substance that was spilled on the floor. Another common type of premises liability case is a trip and fall case which occurs as a result of uneven floor surfaces, poorly marked changes in elevation, broken sidewalks, broken or worn steps, or unnoticeable foreign objects on the floor.

Malfunctioning elevators injure many people both when they stop above or below the floor causing customers to fall and when they close on customers. Mechanical doors close on patrons, often breaking fingers, hands, feet and arms. Exposed pinch points in doors traumatically amputate fingers. There are many negligent merchandising cases in which poorly arranged or stacked merchandise falls on customers.

An East Texas business owner also has a duty to take reasonable security measures in light of the circumstances. In high crime areas businesses are often held liable for failing to provide adequate lighting or failing to have a security guard.

We are experienced in all of these types of premises liability cases. After more than thirty-seven years and thousands of personal injury cases there is virtually nothing that we haven't seen and successfully handled. There is no substitute for experience. If you want the assistance of an experienced Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney in the Tyler / Longview / East Texas area contact us today.

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