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Tyler Wrongful Death Lawyer The loss of a loved one in Texas gives rise to both Wrongful Death and Survival claims. A Wrongful Death claim is the claim that is brought by the parents, spouse, and children of a deceased accident victim. Wrongful Death claimants have a right under Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code Chapter 71 to recover damages for the loss of care, comfort, society, and financial support which they suffered as a result of the loss of a family member.

A Survival Claim is the claim that is brought by the Estate of the deceased accident victim to recover the normal personal injury damages that the accident victim suffered prior to the time that they passed away. The name Survival Claim comes from the fact that the victim’s right to make a personal injury claim survives their death and becomes part of their estate. The Estate of the deceased also has a right to make a claim for funeral and burial expenses.

The proper handling of a Wrongful Death claim involves not only the issues of a normal personal injury claim but also the documentation of the personal and financial relationships of the wrongful death claimants with the deceased accident victim. Losing a family member suddenly and unexpectedly is a traumatic and disorienting experience. During this time you need an experienced law firm that you can simply hand your legal matters off to so that you can focus on adjusting and healing.

Over the years our Tyler Injury Lawyers have helped many East Texas families develop wrongful death claims after the tragic loss of a family member. After more than twenty-eight years and thousands of personal injury cases there is virtually nothing that we haven't seen and successfully handled. There is no substitute for experience. If you want the assistance of an experienced Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney in the Tyler / Longview / East Texas area contact us today.

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