What damages can I recover for the wrongful denial of my claim by my insurance company?

If your insurance company wrongfully refuses to pay a valid claim, engages in delay tactics, fails to pay a reasonable amount, or commits one of any number of the other abusive tactics that are so commonly used by insurance companies then you may recover not only the amount that you are entitled to receive under the contract but also extra-contractual damages.

Extra-contractual damages caused by your insurance company's bad faith claims handling practices may include economic damages caused by the bad faith conduct, mental anguish damages caused by the bad faith conduct, attorney's fees, and punitive damages. Some insurance company misconduct falls under the regulation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

If an insurance company commits a "false, misleading of deceptive trade practice" as defined by the Act then the misbehaving insurance company may be forced to pay actual damages, double damages, treble damages, attorney's fees and costs of court.