Tyler, Texas Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise. This is likely due to rising fuel costs and the fact that most auto manufacturers can only dream of the fuel economy common to motorcycles. As usage increases so will accidents. Unfortunately, there is almost no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident. As a Tyler motorcycle accident attorney most of my clients have sustained multiple broken bones, serious back or joint injuries, head injuries including skull fractures or brain damage, or fatal injuries. Motorcycle riders are unprotected which should, but does not necessarily, cause other motorists to be extra cautious around them.

According to studies in 2008–2009, of the 3089 motorists killed in Texas 432 were on motorcycles. Sixty percent of the fatalities were not wearing a helmet. In Texas the decision whether to wear a helmet is a matter of personal choice not unlike the decision whether to drive a Suburban or a Smart Car. Helmetless riders are protected by law and negligent drivers who injure them are legally responsible for the full extent of their injuries just the same as they would be if they ran over a Smart Car. Motorcycles and economy cars are becoming more common and the drivers of bigger, heavier vehicles must take the responsibility for being more aware of their vulnerability.

Analysis of motorcycle accidents reveals some surprising and contradictory trends. Fatalities among riders less than 36 years of age have declined while fatalities involving supersports have increased. Supersports, or “crotch rockets” as they are commonly called, are four times more likely than touring bikes and six times more likely than cruisers to be involved in a fatality. Yet 51% of the riders killed were in the 40–49 age bracket and riders in this age bracket were the most likely to have a blood alcohol content in excess of the legal limit.

Motorcycle accident lawyers must be experienced in the unique aspects of handling a motorcycle wreck. While the applicable laws are similar to auto accidents the strategy and approach can be different. Our firm has extensive experience handling all types of motorcycle crash cases.

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Tyler, Texas, is located in Smith County in the heart of East Texas. Tyler has become both the commercial and banking center for all of East Texas and an educational center being the home of the University of Texas at Tyler and Tyler Junior College. The medical community includes East Texas Medical Center, Trinity Mother Frances Health System, and the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. Tyler is the county seat of Smith County and its courts include three county courts at law with expanded jurisdiction, four state district courts, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas – Tyler Division. Thus there are numerous courts in which a Tyler motorcycle accident lawyer might file a serious personal injury case. Earl Drott has handled serious personal injury cases in all of the local courts.

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