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As health insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid have reduced reimbursements to healthcare providers the pace of medical care has increased resulting in a growing number of medical errors. In an effort to keep more of the medical dollars in–house hospitals have added “hospitalists” to their staffs. Hospitalists are doctors with no private practice who only treat patients in the hospital. The result is that the doctor that walks into a hospital room has probably never seen the patient before, is not familiar with the patient and will likely never see the patient again. This situation has the potential for problems and hospitals generate a lot of medication errors.

Hospital pharmacies fill thousands of prescriptions daily and often make mistakes. Labels are prepared with incorrect dosages, the wrong medications are put in the bottle, errors are made as generics are substituted for brand name medications, and patients’ allergies are missed by hospitalists. The evolution of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, such as MRSA, have caused patients to contract hospital infections that often are more dangerous than the original reason for admission. Hospital defense experts tend to say that under the best of circumstances a surgical patient has a two percent chance of contracting an infection in a hospital which is another way of saying that the hospital staff transfers an infection from one patient to another about two percent of the time.

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Surgeons continue to make a surprising number of wrong site errors. We have handled cases in which the surgeon operated on the wrong knee, wrong hip, wrong shoulder, and wrong wrist. During surgeries the hospital staff often leaves sponges, hemostats, and other surgical devices and materials in the wound requiring a second surgery at best. In an era of extreme specialization doctors tend to focus on testing and ruling out conditions which might fall in their area of expertise without determining what is wrong with the patient. When a family doctor sees a patient with significant inexplicable joint pain they prescribe pain medication and punt to the local emergency room. At the emergency room the hospital does extensive testing and determines that they don’t know what is wrong so they release the patient with stronger pain medication and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon runs more tests, such as MRIs or CT scans, is unable to determine the problem but rules out a surgical condition, and prescribes different pain medication and refers the patient to a neurologist. The neurologist runs additional tests without identifying the problem and prescribes yet a different pain medication. The patient is now suffering from intractable pain and overdoses on pain medication. This scenario plays out in different variations every day. Texas physicians must focus on determining what is wrong with the patient not just whether the patient has a problem in their narrow area.

Tyler, Texas, is located in Smith County in the heart of East Texas. Tyler has become both the commercial and banking center for all of East Texas and an educational center being the home of the University of Texas at Tyler and Tyler Junior College. The medical community includes East Texas Medical Center, Trinity Mother Frances Health System, and the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. Tyler is the county seat of Smith County and its courts include three county courts at law with expanded jurisdiction, four state district courts, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas – Tyler Division. Thus there are numerous courts in which a Tyler Medical Malpractice Lawyer might file a serious personal injury case. Earl Drott has handled serious personal injury cases in all of the local courts.

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Earl Drott Law is located in South Tyler. From the Smith County courthouse square in downtown Tyler proceed south on Broadway Avenue to the intersection with Front Street. Turn left on Front Street and proceed to the intersection with Beckham Avenue. Turn right on Beckham Avenue and proceed south until the intersection of South Beckham Avenue/Highway 110 and Golden Road. The Bank of America building will be on the right. Earl Drott Law is located on the fourth floor of the Bank of America building.

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