Solicitation Fine Notice

$10,000 Penalty Payable to Accident Victims Solicited by Lawyers or Investigators

Texas Government Code Sec. 82.0651 and Texas Penal Code Sec. 38.12 provide that a person who is solicited by a lawyer or his investigator, either in person or over the telephone, is entitled to receive a $10,000 penalty or fine from the lawyer or investigator, actual damages, and attorneys’ fees necessary to collect the penalty even if the victim does not sign a contract with the lawyer.

State Bar Rule 7.03 makes such solicitation an ETHICAL VIOLATION.

If you have been solicited, or have witnessed such solicitation, by a lawyer or investigator you should immediately report the matter to the Smith County District Attorney at 903-590-1720 and the State Bar Chief Disciplinary Counsel’s Office at 1-866-224-5999.

Illegally obtained contracts are voidable. If you signed a contract with one of these attorneys you have the right to void the contract and NOT PAY THE LAWYER ANYTHING. 

Texas Government Code Sec. 82.065.