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Tyler Medical Malpractice Lawyer Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase meaning "First, do no harm." It reminds physicians and other medical professionals that they need to consider the potential risks of any health intervention because even well-meaning actions can have unintended consequences. Just because a procedure or treatment is available and an insurance company will pay for it doesn't mean that it is a good idea.

Yet all too often doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers charge ahead without properly considering the consequences of their actions and harm patients, sometimes fatally. This is not to say that every bad result is caused by medical malpractice. A bad result can happen even if the doctor or other health care provider complied with the standard of care. Every human body is different and may potentially react differently to a particular treatment or procedure. Sometimes a bad result is simply unavoidable. The only way to determine whether a bad result is due to negligence is by close examination of the facts, which usually requires review of the appropriate medical records and consultation with an expert.

Medical malpractice occurs when a negligent act or omission by a doctor or other medical professional results in damage or harm to a patient. Negligence by a medical professional could include an error in a diagnosis, treatment or illness management. Medical malpractice is not limited to medical doctors. It also applies to nurses, dentists, osteopaths, physical therapists, medical technicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, health care facilities, home health care services, nursing homes and others providing health care services or treatment of any kind.

Pharmacy malpractice continues to be an ongoing problem. Studies show that the error rate in pharmacies may be as high as 2%. This means that a pharmacy in a large discount store that fills 1000 prescriptions in a day may make 20 mistakes in a single day, often with disastrous results.

The handling of a medical malpractice case requires an understanding of sound medical practices and procedures, our healthcare system, and the case law and statutes that are unique to medical negligence cases. Most medical negligence cases also involve the counsel and assistance of a medical expert.

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