Is your law firm experienced in handling motorcycle accidents?

Yes. Over the 20 plus years that I have handled personal injury claims in East Texas I have handled many motorcycle accident cases including a number that involved catastrophic injuries. I recently concluded a motorcycle accident case that occurred when the motorcycle struck construction debris in the roadway causing the motorcycle to crash resulting in head injuries to the motorcycle rider. The life care plan exceeded 15 million dollars. The case was favorably settled for a confidential amount.

I have had extensive experience as a Tyler motorcycle accident attorney. For a number of years I represented members of a national motorcycle riders association. Most of these motorcycle riders were members of clubs comprised of members who shared their passion for touring. A number of my clients have been hard–core Harley Davidson enthusiasts who would not even consider riding anything but a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle. Others have been motorcycle riders who simply chose a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. Some have been younger people who enjoyed the thrill of faster, high–performance motorcycles.

I’ve handled far too many motorcycle accident cases to discuss them all. A few examples are the case of an East Texas physician who lost the use of his right arm when a driver pulled in front of his touring bike while he was on an out–of–state trip, the case of a middle–aged restaurant owner who sustained a serious brain injury when his vintage Harley Davidson struck construction debris in the roadway, the case of a young athlete who lost his life when another motorist cut him off while he was riding his high–performance motorcycle, and the case of a mechanic who was severely injured while on his way to work when an 18–wheeler turned across his lane of travel.