Is the law regarding motorcycle accidents different from the law that applies to other motor vehicle accidents?

No. Motorcycles fall under the same laws and regulations as other motor vehicles for the most part. However, motorcycle accident cases involve tactical considerations unique to motorcycle cases.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident you would be well–advised to find an experienced trial lawyer who has handled a number of motorcycle accident cases.

Strategically, handling motorcycle claims is a little different than handling auto accident claims or truck accident claims. Every motorcycle rider knows that there is a little bit of bias in East Texas against motorcycle riders and the insurance companies that handle motorcycle claims have that same bias. Adjusters handling motorcycle accident claims will often stonewall a motorcycle accident attorney in order to see if the injury lawyer is willing to fight to get maximum damages for their clients or is just looking for an easy settlement.

Dealing with an insurance adjuster in a motorcycle accident claim is a little bit like the old story about the farmer who explains that when dealing with a mule that you first need to hit them with something solid so that they know you are serious. Motorcycle accident injuries are usually serious and should be taken seriously by the insurance adjusters that evaluate them. An East Texas motorcycle accident attorney should come out swinging in these cases and keep swinging until the claim is fairly resolved.