Illegal U-turn In Front Of Motorcycle

Illegal U-turn In Front Of Motorcycle An East Texas artist was riding his pan head Harley Davidson motorcycle in Tyler when a the driver of a passenger van made an illegal u-turn from the right shoulder across three lanes of traffic causing the motorcycle to strike the van squarely in the sliding door on the driver's side. The force of the impact propelled the rider into the interior of the van. Unfortunately the rider's leg was severed at the knee as his body crashed through the van.

The injured motorcycle rider retained a Tyler motorcycle accident attorney and we began to investigate the cause of the accident. The driver of the van initially alleged that the motorcycle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed and changed lanes suddenly thus causing the accident. The presence of a third vehicle traveling in the lane in which the van driver alleged that the motorcycle was initially traveling raised questions regarding the van driver’s truthfulness. Further analysis of the van driver’s story suggested that the motorcycle was incapable of changing lanes as rapidly as alleged. The location and orientation of the van at the time that the driver claimed to have seen the motorcycle change lanes established that the van driver could not have seen the motorcycle. In fact, the orientation of the van showed that the driver turned blindly across three lanes of highway speed traffic. Nonetheless, the van driver persisted in his story. Based on the investigation results gross negligence was alleged and the van driver’s personal financial information was subpoenaed prompting the at-fault driver’s insurance company to tender the policy limits.

After extensive negotiations a confidential settlement was reached which took into consideration the rider's injuries, medical expense, future medical needs and loss of earnings.

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