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  January 30, 2013

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Riverside County Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

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Riverside County, Calif., has agreed to pay $490,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against a top county health official by a former employee. The lawsuit accused Dr. Eric Frykman of "repeatedly and openly ogling [the plaintiff] and touching her without her consent." The plaintiff also said that after complaining about the harassment, she was fired from her position.
Dave Downey , San Diego Union Tribune 01/17/2013   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Suit Against NCAA, EA Sports Earns Win in Court

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A federal judge in California has dismissed an attempt by the NCAA to have a class-action suit filed against them and EA Sports thrown out. The NCAA had claimed in its motion that the players had changed their complaints in recent months, but the judge ruled that was not a reason to prevent them from seeking class certification. The ruling does not grant the plaintiff's certification, however, and the suit may eventually be denied on merit.
Jon Solomon, Huntsville Times 01/30/2013   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Suit: Woman Sexually Assaulted at Florida Spa

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A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist in May 2010. In the suit, the woman claimed the therapist "grabbed at [her] breasts and genitals" during a massage. The suit also claims that the therapist was not fired after the plaintiff reported the incident and he went on to assault two more women.
Erin Jester, Miami Herald 01/30/2013   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Families of Deceased Servicemen to Receive $260,000

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A U.S. District Judge in Manhattan has ordered the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi to pay more than $260,000 to the families of 17 U.S. servicemen killed in Saudi Arabia in a 1996 bombing. The family won a default judgment in 2006 against the Iranian government after the FBI concluded that Iran provided training and support for the attack. Iran had refused to pay, claiming sovereign immunity, the judge ordered payments be made from the bank, which has accounts linked to Tehran.
Joseph Ax, Reuters 01/29/2013   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Woman Injured in Govt. Vehicle Crash, Insurance Won't Pay

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A woman in Young County, Texas, is in a battle with her insurance company after they have refused to pay her medical bills after she was rear-ended by another vehicle in 2011. That vehicle was a Texas Forest Service vehicle, and the state's Homeland Security Act says "the agency is immune from the damage caused in the accident." The woman has filed suits against the agency and her own insurance company, but both have refused to pay. The police report shows the Forest Service employee fell asleep at the wheel and failed to maintain proper speed.
Lindsey Wopschall, Texoma's Homepage 01/27/2013   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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