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  April 7, 2014

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Must-See Video From CNN: GM and the Importance of the Civil Justice System

If you haven’t seen the commentary on the importance of the civil justice system by CNN’s Michael Smerconish, it’s a must see. Click on the headline to access a Texas Watch blog post with an intro and the Smerconish commentary. Please share with your contacts and on social media.  



Family of Veteran Files Suit Over Shooting Death

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The family of a Gulf War Army veteran who was killed by California police officers has filed a lawsuit against the city and police department of Lodi. The veteran, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, was reported to have "charged" police officers unarmed while on a walk to his mother's house. Officers then shot multiple rounds into the man, killing him. The lawsuit seeks unspecified financial damages for alleged violations of the veteran's constitutional rights and the rights of his family.
Cynthia Hubert, Merced Sun-Star 04/03/2014   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Judge Says Muslim Bus Driver's Lawsuit Can Continue

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A federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y. has ruled that a decade-long discrimination filed by a former bus driver may continue in court. The plaintiff, a practicing Muslim, filed the lawsuit after she was told she must either place the MTA logo on her religious headscarf or wear a hat over it. She died in 2012 after complications from diabetes caused her leg to be amputated and her health to deteriorate. Any financial damages in the case would be awarded to the woman's children.
Pete Donohue, New York Daily News 04/05/2014   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Former Softball Coach Sues Clarke University

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A former softball coach from Clarke University in Iowa has filed a lawsuit against the school for allegedly trying "to make her appear more feminine." The lawsuit alleges that school officials made an effort to force the plaintiff to wear high heels and slimming undergarments in an effort to change her image. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was abruptly fired without cause in May 2013. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for lost wages, legal fees, emotional distress and other damages.
Staff Report, DesMoines Register 04/05/2014   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Ray Hunt Gets His Day in Court Against Honeywell

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Texas oilman Ray Hunt has tried for three years to force Honeywell International to admit it didn’t warn him and others about defects in engines it made for Hunt’s corporate Learjets. Those defects, he claims, could have had disastrous, possibly deadly, results. On Tuesday, Hunt’s lawsuit against New Jersey-based Honeywell finally gets underway. It demands that Honeywell pay $2.3 million in damages to replace the bad engines and pay for the cost of renting a replacement jet. Honeywell contends that it doesn’t owe Hunt a dime because the engines were covered by warranty for several years — years in which the planes operated without any problems — and that Hunt allowed the warranty to expire before bringing any problems to the company’s attention.
NATALIE POSGATE (Texas Lawbook), The Dallas Morning News 04/07/2014   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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Shale Mine Operator Admits to Falsifying Reports


A shale mine operator (Red Dog Track, Inc.) west of Fort Worth pleaded guilty to tampering with a governmental record, and was ordered to pay $150,000 restitution to the TECQ and a $7,500 criminal fine. The case was prosecuted by the Travis County DA’s Office, which has statewide jurisdiction on environmental crimes.
Asher Price, Austin American Statesman  04/07/2014  Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn icon

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Oil Spills in Galveston Bay a Routine Occurrence

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Oil spills happen almost every day. Galveston Bay has averaged 285 spills a year since 1998, according to the Houston Advanced Research Center, which publishes periodic reports on the state of the bay's ecosystem. The Woodlands-based institute found that the spills typically are small, averaging 103 gallons per incident. Most were less than one gallon. Yet the spills occur frequently enough to raise concerns about the health of the bay, which provides critical habitat for oysters, shrimp, fish and tens of thousands of migratory birds.
Matthew Tresaugue, Houston Chronicle 04/07/2014   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon

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