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May 11, 2012

NYC Building Owner Settles $2 Million Lawsuit

Suit: Families Tricked into Early Wrongful Death Settlements

Class-Action Suit Filed over 2006-2009 iPods

$4.55 Million Paid to Settle Wreck Suit

Wrongful Death Suit over Philly Boat Crash Settled



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FOX 4 DFW News Station Investigation: TX Medical Board

Top secret meetings, back-door deals and confidential complaints are all a part of the Texas Board of Medical Examiners. The state board is supposed to be policing doctors and protecting the public but some patients complain the system is a prescription for failure. In 2003 Texas lawmakers put caps on medial malpractice lawsuits but promised to keep a tight rein on doctors by beefing up the Texas board. Fox 4 has been looking into the board's practices for some time but late Monday afternoon we found another example of why some patients question who the board really protects.  


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Earn your registration fee for the 2012 TTLA Annual Conference by recruiting new TTLA members! Simply recruit $1,000 worth of new TTLA memberships, and earn free registration to the Annual Conference CLE at Hyatt Lost Pines – an $875 value. Clip on the headline to learn more.  




NYC Building Owner Settles $2 Million Lawsuit

The owner of a New York City apartment building will pay more than $2 million to settle a lawsuit filed by building tenants accusing the superintendent of sexual harassment. The plaintiffs in the suit accused the landlord of failing to prevent the building superintendent from harassing the residents. The suit claimed the superintendent "demanded sex in exchange for rent reductions."  Wire Report, Kansas City Star  05/08/2012

Read Article: Kansas City Star    


Suit: Families Tricked into Early Wrongful Death Settlements

Some of the families of the miners that died in the Upper Big Branch explosion have filed a lawsuit against Massey Energy, saying they were "tricked" into early wrongful death settlements that are proving to be "inadequate." The lawsuit claims the defendants possessed and withheld information about the explosion from the families that would have been relevant in the settlement process. The suit seeks class-action status to represent all families that accepted early settlement offers from Massey.  Ken Ward Jr., The Charleston Gazette  05/11/2012

Read Article: The Charleston Gazette    


Class Action


Class-Action Suit Filed over 2006-2009 iPods

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple representing customers who purchased an iPod between September 2006 and March 2009. The lawsuit says software updates in 2006 "prevented the music players from playing songs not purchased on iTunes," allegedly causing iPod prices to be higher than normal. A federal court approved the suit for class-action status last year.  Andy Vuong, Denver Post  05/10/2012

Read Article: Denver Post    


Personal Injury


$4.55 Million Paid to Settle Wreck Suit

A Gilroy, Calif., woman will receive $4.55 million to settle a lawsuit over an automobile accident at a dangerous intersection that left her in a wheelchair and killed the passenger in her vehicle. The lawsuit named the state and Monterey County as defendants, saying they "knew the dangers of the chaotic intersection and did not move quickly enough to remedy a disaster in the making." The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash was also named a defendant.  Virginia Hennessey, Monterey County Herald  05/11/2012

Read Article: Monterey County Herald    


Wrongful Death


Wrongful Death Suit over Philly Boat Crash Settled

A settlement has been reached in the death of two Hungarian students who were killed when the sightseeing boat they were riding in was hit by a barge in the Delaware River. The families of the two victims will split the $15 million settlement, and the 18 survivors of the boat crash will share $2 million.  Wire Report, Seattle Post-Intelligencer  05/09/2012

Read Article: Seattle Post-Intelligencer    

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